Wheather the weather be cold…by Angie

14 Apr 2009
5:04 pm

They tell us that California is facing a drought – this is the third year in a row that we have had severe shortages in precipitation, snowpack, reservoirs, etc. It’s hard to believe it on days like today. I’m sitting at my desk with the window open beside me, while Jaquie and I stare outside at the pouring rain. It smells wonderful.  Our skies can’t seem to decide whether it’s really spring or not: it’s been warm and clear and beautiful in the last week, but today’s downpour makes it feel more like a California January than April.  As I drove across the Dumbarton Bridge this morning, there were signs up to warn drivers of high winds – crossing the span, I could really feel them battering my car.  Tomorrow’s forcast promises bright sun, clear skies, and temperatures in the 50°s, though.  It will be a lovely day for a drive to the Temple.

In God We Trustby Angie

3 Nov 2008
2:11 pm

This month has been a roller coaster! I apologize that we haven’t kept our blog very up-to-date, but everything has been moved to the back burner while we campaign for Proposition 8. This is our first experience being part of a “grassroots movement.” It wasn’t exactly fun – honestly, I hope I never have to do something like this again – but it has certainly been an amazing experience, and I’ve learned a lot.

We’re making phone calls again today, and will be waving signs downtown for another hour or two this afternoon. Tomorrow I’ll be at one of the polling locations (the legal distance away) with signs and fact sheets to help any last minute undecided voters see the issue clearly. It’s amazing to think there are really less than 36 hours left in a project that has taken up our time and emotions for the past several months! I’m so grateful for the prayers, fasting, donations, and support of all our family and friends. I’m very confident that we will be successful, and trust that, after all we can do, California is in Heavenly Father’s hands.

Kehlet Mansion at Lake Tahoeby Angie

20 Sep 2008
8:09 pm

I saw Lake Tahoe for the first time today!  Roger, Kathy, Jim, and I spent five hours today on a train and arrived in Truckee, where we met up with Jon and rented a car.  It took us another half an hour or so to drive to Lake Tahoe – specifically, Kehlet Mansion at Meeks Bay.  We wanted to check out the facilities, location, etc. of the house because Roger and Kathy are considering reserving it for the 2009 Hoffman Family Reunion.  It is a beautiful, old building with two floors, lots of rooms, a spacious living/dining room, but (unfortunately) a fairly small kitchen.  The house is charming, and has beautiful quilts on the beds and an amazing view from just about every window in the house.  The best thing about it, though, was the location – the deck at the point has a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe, and it is very close to a public beach.  It was so fun to explore the house, climb the rocks, and enjoy the  scenery!  We may or may not actually end up staying there next year, but I’m very glad we got to see it!

Primary Elections!by Angie

5 Feb 2008
9:02 am

The Primary Elections are today (for California, at least), and away I go to vote. I hope everyone I know takes the opportunity we are given to declare our opinion about the public officers that lead our country! What a blessing it is to live in a land of liberty!

Ok, I’ll stop now… but you all should really vote! At least vote on our poll, anyway 🙂 Who would you like to see as the President of America next year?

Curious about our tag line?by Angie

17 Jan 2008
8:01 am

Several people have asked me where the quote below our blog title comes from. Here are a few hints, and if anyone knows the answer, you win a prize! Ok, well, the first person to submit the correct answer in the comments of to this post will win the prize 🙂 Good luck!

It’s from an album of music that (I believe) is widely available to the LDS community. The little interview is intermingled with a very popular song. Here is a little more of the conversation:

“I think…California.”

“Why California?” “Because, it’s sort of a cheerful place.”

“Do you know where California is?” “Sort of. Under Utah? …a little? I know where Maine is!”

Looking back on 2007by Angie

13 Jan 2008
8:01 pm

Many families have a wonderful tradition of sending Christmas cards to friends and relatives each December with a fun letter describing what has happened to them over the course of the year. Now that we’ve moved to California, we’d like to start a similar tradition by posting our happenings letter on our blog. We hope you’ll visit our new page, “2007,” and read about our amazing year!

New Themeby Angie

12 Jan 2008
6:01 pm

So, what do you think?  Jim said it might be time to switch things up a bit and try a new theme for our blog, so here’s my offering.  It’s a little trippy to suddenly have all the links on the left instead of the right, but I think I can get over that.  I like the simplicity – and the tribute to San Francisco seemed appropriate.  🙂

Anyway, hope you like it!  Feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

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