Random Quote Board

These quotes have appeared under a wide variety of circumstances, mostly in our own household – we’ll continue to add more as they happen. I credit both the Carlson family and my sister, Emily, with the “quote board” idea. Enjoy reading some of the strange and entertaining things we have found ourselves saying!

“They can drop them on the floor. They can eat them off the floor. They’re the perfect little kid food.” – jim

“Divorce is not a dead horse. …although it does sound like it.” – jim

“If that’s the way it works, it doesn’t work.” – angie

“You can write it off on your tithing.”  – jim

“Just sit right here and hold still while I take off your legs.”  – joseph

“I don’t think this fire is capable of hot.”  – jon

“That’s a good thing to do with your face.” – mommy pam

“I need a suspension of financial reality.” – jon

“They’re just playing basketball; and in the Playoffs, you can’t play basketball.”  – charles barkley

“I’m not sure for sure.” – jon

“Why don’t you just snitch from the bowl that doesn’t have anything in it?” – jim

“No wonder you can’t sleep – you’re pajamas are on inside out!”  – grandma gayle

“But, what happens if something happens?” – justin

“You gotta do the little things when you don’t do the big things.” – some guy

“Outside?” “Well, outside the inside.” – angie & jim

“The worst to come is yet to come.” – jim

“The word ‘silly’ will never be the same…” – mommy pam

(referring to Jim’s work) “So, basically, you’re building the Death Star?” – matt

“Life just doesn’t get better than being chased by a duck on a stick.” – nate

“EggNog is so rich, you could put kitty litter in it and it would still taste the same.” – kelly

“It’s pretty gross, if you think about it…but I can turn off my brain for one night a year.” – joseph

“I was looking in the mirror and I was examining my brain… and I suddenly remembered, I did have lunch today!” – grandma gayle

“Come moosh my face.” – mommy pam

“wham. jimmy goes down.” – jim

“ISAAC MAKE FIRE! AHHHH!” – isaac (our little nephew)

“He wears my high-heels all the time, so I’m sure he’ll be fine.” – kelly

“A billion seconds go by every second.” – jim

“By ‘me’ do you mean you, or do you mean me?” – jon

“No wonder it doesn’t taste very good – it’s spelled wrong!” – angie