The Message of Easterby Angie

12 Apr 2009
3:04 pm

A Temple in MY MISSION!by Angie

4 Oct 2008
8:10 am

President Monson just announced that a new temple will be built in the Greater Kansas City Area – which is in my beloved Missouri, Independence Mission boundaries!!!  I am so excited!  Oh, it makes me so happy!

My family’s good friends, Jeff and Karen Acerson, are currently serving as the Mission President & Wife in Rome, Italy, so I’m sure they are thrilled about the annoucement of the temple in Rome, too!

The End… which is just the Angie

15 Sep 2008
1:09 pm

I have tried  with all my might to come up with an appropriate conclusion to the intended three-part saga of my Prince’s new calling, but my creative juices have been diverted of late and have left my writing skills high and dry.  I’ve decided that I shall finish the story in modern-day prose, with an anecdote that happened yesterday:

We were introduced to a wonderful woman named Andrea (pronounced “ahn-DRAY-uh”) a few weeks ago by the Elders who were teaching her the gospel.  She came to our home for a lesson and dessert, and I liked her immediately.  She is from Bolivia (I think), and has a darling accent.  She works at a hospital, so her schedule is pretty hectic and prevents her from attending church every week.  Yesterday, she didn’t get home until late into the afternoon, so she missed the meetings, but she called the Elders and asked them if they would come over – and to please bring the Hoffmans, if they could come!  So the four of us went to see her and had a great talk about the Godhead and the importance of having a living prophet in our day to help us better understand the nature of God.  Jim, of course, had his scriptures out and brought up several points that were specifically based on verses from the Old and New Testament.  He is such a wonderful teacher – I love listening to him!

Well, apparently, Andrea felt the same way.  She suddenly sat straight up on the couch and said (referring to Jim and myself), “You know what – he is like FIRE!  She is so sweet and quiet and teaches nice, but he is like PAUL:  he is so strong, and has a testimony like fire!”

And she is right.  This is a wonderful calling for my amazing husband, and it’s only just begun!

Spirit Danceby Angie

13 Sep 2008
4:09 pm

This morning I attended a new class that Kjelene just started called “Spirit Dance.”  It was fantastic!  Apparently she has been doing a Spirit Dance Ensemble for youth for a year now, but she recently had some adult women who asked if she would begin a class for them.  All the music is Christian, uplifting, and inspiring, and we pray at the beginning and end of class.  The dancing is basically beginning jazz, but because of the prayers and the music, there was a special spirit there.  We’re learning choreography to an arrangement of “Amazing Grace” right now.  Kjelene is such a sensitive choreographer.  I don’t know if we’ll ever actually perform, but that doesn’t matter so much to me – I just love doing it!

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Fortuitousby Jim

31 May 2008
12:05 pm

I apologize for the long post, but I really have a lot to say. (It seems whenever airports are involved, my posts quadruple in length…) Bear with me, I think it’ll be worth it.

A few days ago my dad asked me to do a little project for him which involved burning some video to a DVD. My computer had been having issues, and I had decided to reinstall windows to hopefully fix those issues. (It had been a really long time since I did a full reinstall.) I decided to give Windows Vista a try since I hadn’t yet and I wanted to give it a fair chance. There is so much opinion about Vista out there and I really shouldn’t say anything until I can form my own. So, last night I installed Vista. Everything went smoothly.

The video project my dad wanted me to do is 56 gigabytes, so I figured I should free up some space on my hard drives by removing my (no longer used) Linux partitions and resizing the NTFS partitions with the new unused space. Well, most other times, this operation took at most 20 minutes. This time, I had a 500 GB hard drive with a 366 GB partition to resize. The problem was the block size had to change because the drive was so big. Basically, there are only so many address spaces the drive can use and when I grew the whole drive, the individual address spaces had to each grow too (because I already was using the most number of address spaces I could). So, it took my computer about 7 hours to do the complete resize. When you edit the partitions, you DO NOT stop in the middle, unless you want to have corrupted data. There was really nothing I could do; my computer was tied up for several hours. Fortuitous event #1: A couple days ago I copied the entire 56 GB project to a network drive to free up some space for my new Operating System. Even though my computer was occupied for many hours, I could still get to the project my dad needed me to finish.

I forgot to mention that my mom needed to be brought to the airport for a 6 am flight this morning, which means we had to leave at about 4:30 am (so she could be an hour early at 5 am). I was in a little bit of a time crunch. After I realized that I wouldn’t be able to use my own computer to work on this project, Angie suggested that I use her computer. Fortuitous event #2: About 3 weeks ago, I bought Angie a new computer. I had noticed that her computer was nearly 8 years old and showing its age. Angie was so good to not complain about it and just be patient with it. So, as a surprise, I bought her a new computer which is faster than my own. There is no way I could have used her old computer to work on this project.

So, I installed Adobe Premier and Encore on Angie’s computer and got to work. It took about 90 minutes to copy the 56 GB project. Angie’s computer is the only one in the house not connected to the gigabit network, so the copy was slow. (I guess I should have bought a new network switch while I was upgrading her computer.) Once I got started, I ran into the same problem that prevented me from completing the project months ago. I found a solution from a google search and was able to finish the DVD just minutes before having to leave with Mom making fortuitous event #3. I would have liked to have more time, but Dad needed something and this was all I had.

We hopped in the car and started the drive out to the Oakland airport. Things were going just fine, but as we pulled off the freeway on 98th Ave., warning lights started flashing on my dashboard. I realized my power steering was gone, so I quickly got in the turn lane of the offramp and turned right on 98th Ave. and pulled over to the side. My car had overheated. Fortuitous event #4: My car had died 2.7 miles from the airport. I can’t say how glad I was my car died in a place where I could safely get off the road. We called AAA and had a tow truck there in 15 minutes. I only got 5 miles for free from the towing service, so I asked if he would take us to the airport. He seemed a little surprised, but took us there nonetheless. When we pulled up at the curb to drop Mom off, a security guard gave us a funny look as I jumped down from the truck to go get Mom’s suitcase out of the trunk of the car being towed. We must have looked very strange. Anyway, we only lost 30 minutes and so (fortuitous event #5:) Mom was able to make the flight!

I asked the serviceman to drop me off at the nearest gas station. He unhooked my car and I went inside to buy some coolant. He was kind enough not to charge me, even though I think I went over my 5 mile limit (probably only by a mile). I got the coolant and he even helped me put it in the car and get it running again. With the engine running, he noticed that I had thin streams of coolant squirting out of my overflow tank. I thanked him for his help and bid him farewell. I had brought the GPS, so I was looking for repair centers nearby and considering waking up Jon (my brother living in Emeryville a few miles away) to help me out when fortuitous event #6 happened: Dad called to check up on me. We talked about the car and he figured that by refilling the coolant, I would probably have enough to get home. We had poured nearly the entire container of coolant into the car, so it had been quite empty. With his assurance, I started the trek home.

Fortuitous event #7: The last couple days I have felt a cold coming on, so I have been getting to bed on time (a rarity for me). The last three nights I’ve gone to bed at times ranging from 8:30 to 10:30 pm and slept for at least 8 hours. I couldn’t afford being sick with so little sick leave after Angie’s surgery, so I wanted to make sure I didn’t get sick by doing whatever I could to keep my body strong. With such a good sleep pattern the last few days, I hardly felt tired driving home at 6 am even though I had been awake for over 24 hours (and I don’t feel sick anymore). I arrived home to find my wife and my cat peacefully sleeping in bed. I put on my pajamas and got under the covers and went to sleep.

The more I think about the events of the last 24 hours, the more I realize just how fortunate I was. Seemingly terrible things happened to me, but in the end, everything worked out just fine. My computer is in perfectly good shape, Mom made it on her flight, Dad got his DVD, and I got home safely. I really felt like these events were more than just luck. The Lord really does look out for us and answer our prayers. Days like this help you realize that.

Feeling Noble?by Angie

15 Nov 2007
7:11 am

Ever had an experience where you were feeling quite proud of yourself for something, only to realize that you weren’t really being such a hero after all? That happened to me last night.

You see, Jim stayed to work late a couple of times this week and I was tempted to feel a bit annoyed about it; as if changes in scheduling sort of threw off my groove (even when he let me know in advance). However, I had a chat with myself and concluded that there would be no complaints from me (out loud, at least – obviously I was already complaining to myself). I guess this decision was a good choice. The bad choice was that I proceeded to let myself feel pretty noble about being so “humble” (ha ha).

Well, all such pride must be mortified, and my wake-up call happened last night. Imagine my feelings when I found out that my sweet husband was staying late to get some extra hours in, so that he could surprise me by taking half a day off to come with me to my doctor appointment today! I have to drive to a new place, all the way over in Palo Alto, and meet my new Cardiologist, Dr. Dubin. He knew I was nervous about it and didn’t want me to have to be alone.

Jim was being the noble one! Far from noble, I was only being civil – and a good thing, too. Imagine if I had complained to him about it, when he was planning something special for me?! My puffed-up feelings of vanity deflated and were replaced with gratitude, which is probably the best antidote I can think of for pride.

I am so grateful that I have such a sweet and thoughtful husband who goes out of his way to take good care of me. I’m grateful he has such a good job that fits our family needs so well. Most of all, I’m very grateful that Jim is so patient with me and wants me to be happy. These are some things I should be remembering, the next time I find myself “feeling noble.”

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