Kehlet Mansion at Lake Tahoeby Angie

20 Sep 2008
8:09 pm

I saw Lake Tahoe for the first time today!  Roger, Kathy, Jim, and I spent five hours today on a train and arrived in Truckee, where we met up with Jon and rented a car.  It took us another half an hour or so to drive to Lake Tahoe – specifically, Kehlet Mansion at Meeks Bay.  We wanted to check out the facilities, location, etc. of the house because Roger and Kathy are considering reserving it for the 2009 Hoffman Family Reunion.  It is a beautiful, old building with two floors, lots of rooms, a spacious living/dining room, but (unfortunately) a fairly small kitchen.  The house is charming, and has beautiful quilts on the beds and an amazing view from just about every window in the house.  The best thing about it, though, was the location – the deck at the point has a gorgeous view of Lake Tahoe, and it is very close to a public beach.  It was so fun to explore the house, climb the rocks, and enjoy the  scenery!  We may or may not actually end up staying there next year, but I’m very glad we got to see it!