Happy Birthday to ME!by Angie

13 Nov 2008
12:11 pm

Hi, I’m Angie & Jim’s Blog, and today is my first birthday! Exactly one year ago – November 13th, 2007 – I said “Hello, World” with my very first blog post.

I thought this would be a great time to ask for some feedback from those who visit and read me: How do you think I might be improved? What do you like or dislike about my layout, content, usability, etc? Which kinds of posts are you most interested in, and what makes them your favorite? Do you like the polls? Is there a link you think we should add to our blogroll? Do you have ideas for other pages that would be interesting? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to pass your thoughts on to Angie and Jim.

Thanks for your input!

Looking back on 2007by Angie

13 Jan 2008
8:01 pm

Many families have a wonderful tradition of sending Christmas cards to friends and relatives each December with a fun letter describing what has happened to them over the course of the year. Now that we’ve moved to California, we’d like to start a similar tradition by posting our happenings letter on our blog. We hope you’ll visit our new page, “2007,” and read about our amazing year!

New Themeby Angie

12 Jan 2008
6:01 pm

So, what do you think?  Jim said it might be time to switch things up a bit and try a new theme for our blog, so here’s my offering.  It’s a little trippy to suddenly have all the links on the left instead of the right, but I think I can get over that.  I like the simplicity – and the tribute to San Francisco seemed appropriate.  🙂

Anyway, hope you like it!  Feel free to leave feedback in the comments!

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Commentsby Angie

16 Nov 2007
9:11 am

I’ve been exploring the features of our super-cool blog, and I think I have things set up so that anyone can add comments in response to our posts. You need to submit your name and email address with your comment, but you don’t need to register or log in or anything like that. Once you’ve submitted it, it will be placed in a queue called “Moderation” – that means that it needs to be approved by a site admin (angie or jim), but it should show up in the next 24 hours.

This is just a precaution against spam, so if I call that yummy, crumbly dish that goes along with turkey the “stuffing” and you want me to call it “dressing,” go right ahead and disagree with me, and I promise that we’ll still approve your post.

If you are having trouble commenting, or your experience doesn’t jive with my description, please send me or Jim an email so we can get it fixed (I say “we” because that would mean I did it wrong, and I need Jim to help me fix it…).

My first post!by Angie

13 Nov 2007
8:11 pm

Well, here we are on our brand new blog that Jim created for our little family! We’ve been living in California for several months now; we love the area and enjoy our new ward very much. Jim’s job keeps him busy, and he was recently called as a Teachers Quorum Advisor in our ward. I get to stay at home during the day cooking, cleaning, reading, and (yes, still) unpacking. You can often catch me on Google Talk and Facebook, too, since my computer is set up right in the living room.

We have lots of exciting things planned in the next couple months, and you’ll want to hear all about them! For instance, I have a big important doctor appointment this coming Thursday, and next week we are traveling to Portland to visit Joseph and Kelly for Thanksgiving! I hope this blog will be an interesting and entertaining place for our family and friends to visit, explore, and comment on. Please feel free to check back often and give us lots of feedback.