Must Relaxby Angie

17 Nov 2008
6:11 pm

I visited Stanford today for another pacer check and an appointment with Dr. Al-ahmad. The bad news is, I’ve had another episode of V-tach, although I “got out of it” on my own. The good news is, there was only one, and Dr. Murphy has convinced Dr. Al-ahmad that I’ll be safer if we just leave things be for now. SO, I’m good to go for another six months, apparently.

I have another little problem, though. When I checked in, my pulse was about 110, and it stayed over 100 the entire time I was there. Based on my pacer history, this is not a unique occurrence. My sleeping rate has been consistently over 85, which isn’t good either. There’s not much to do about it, though – except eliminate all stress from my life… and where’s the fun in that, I ask you? Well, they lowered my pacing rate from 85 to 75 and I’m supposed to seek more calm and untroubled state of being. I’m thinkin’ that’s not happening between now and next year.