Cautiously Optimisticby Jim

4 Feb 2020
11:02 am

Well, I have some good news. The cardioversion was successful and she’s back in regular rhythm (and in only one shock). They pumped 360 joules through her (yes, the geeky engineer in me just had to ask) and it was enough to fix things. They only wanted to zap her once, so they didn’t ramp up with little shocks like they usually do. She just got the big one first. She was sedated, so she didn’t feel a thing. She’ll be in recovery soon and I’ll be able to go see her. Now, we’ll see if the amiodarone will be enough to keep her out. I don’t know how long they’ll want to observe her, but when the doctors come and talk to us after Angie wakes up, I’m sure they’ll tell us.

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  1. Jon
    11:10 AM on February 4th, 2020

    yayyy!!! All fingers and toes crossed it’ll stick.

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