Friday Updateby Jim

10 Jan 2020
12:01 pm

Today has been relatively uneventful. We’re still in the ICU, but there’s talk of getting us to a regular room. Angie’s blood pressure took a little while longer to bounce back to normal, which is why we stayed in the ICU overnight instead of getting to a room yesterday. Since it’s on the children’s hospital side, they have fold-out beds in all the rooms, so I was able to stay with her last night. (I’m not sure my back will be able to handle 2 nights in a row, but I think Mom may take the watch tonight so I can sleep in a regular bed.) Her arterial line was taken out a little while ago, which always helps with the comfort level. Angie had an x-ray this morning and an extensive echocardiogram last night all checking to make sure there is nothing wrong after yesterday’s procedure. She’s had her first two “loading” dosages of the new med and she’s not had any of the acute side effects (nausea, dizziness, etc.), which is great news. The doctors seem to be saying we’ll probably go home “maybe tomorrow, but more likely Sunday.”

I’ll probably post again later today or tonight after we are on the floor to keep you all updated.


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