My Camera is Backby Jim

24 Sep 2009
7:09 pm

Canon Rebel XSBack in August, my camera started acting a little funny.  I’ve got a Canon Rebel XS that I got for Christmas last year.  I have already taken hundreds and hundreds of pictures, and have enjoyed nearly every minute.  Unfortunately, at a recent shoot on the Oakland Temple grounds, my camera started acting really funny.  After taking a shot, it would give me a message that sounded something like this: “Err 99: Shooting not possible.”  And then the camera wouldn’t let me do anything until I turned it off and back on.  Anyway, I shipped it away to Canon and today when I got home, it was waiting for me in a brown box.  Yeah!

Here is an example of what I mean by “acting really funny”:  This is a normal shot.


Here is what it would occasionally do instead of giving me an Err. 99 (but then, it would give me the error in the very next shot).IMG_3355

See what I mean?  Funky.  I’m just glad it works now.

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  1. Andre
    7:33 AM on September 25th, 2009

    Angie – I know what the problem was. You went to the temple, and when it tried to go into LDS mode, it went into LSD mode instead. Simple.

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