Kauai Vacation – Day 2by Angie

13 Jun 2009
12:06 pm

Risi, Tolton, and the KoiI love vacationing to the West, because it is so pleasant and easy to get up early!  Risi and Josh (who were sharing a suite with us, though we had separate rooms), were up at some ridiculous hour of the morning because Tolton was not going to stay in bed any longer, so they were out walking the beach before the sun was up.  By 6am, however, I was awake and dressed and ready to officially start my vacation!  I walked down to Kalapaki beach with Risi and met up with Josh and Tolton, who just couldn’t get enough of the water.  We just hung out on the beach and watched the cutest little boy ever being thoroughly delighted by the waves crashing on top of him.  Whitney wandered down to join us, as did Mom, Dad, and eventually Jim.  We decided to head to Poipu beach for our first excursion, so in just over an hour  my excited, swim-suited, not-yet-burned family members were gathered at the Mariott Fish Pond.  We stayed long enough to watch the goldfish and koi being fed, then headed out to the beach.

Spouting HornWe stopped to see the “Spouting Horn,” which was very cool, and the girls browsed the shops nearby.   Back on the road, Jim and Josh stopped our caravan to buy some garlic shrimp from a guy selling the stuff freshly cooked in the back of his truck.  Then, on to Poipu, where we played in the sand and the water and just had a lovely, relaxed morning.  Unfortunately, I had borrowed some spray-on sunscreen, and – apparently – hadn’t quite sprayed enough, because after just a couple of hours, my back was nice and red with little un-burned splotches all over it.  That evening, we took a family outing to the grocery store (to plan our microwaved feast for Sunday dinner and to celebrate Mom’s and Kim’s birthday) and K-Mart (for presents for said birthdays, among other things).

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