Kauai Vacation – Day 1by Angie

12 Jun 2009
8:06 am

IMG_0222This was a long day, but well worth it!  Jim went to work today, as usual, then came home and helped me load our luggage into the car.  Our friend, Justin Bradley, drove us to the airport, and we made our flight just fine.

Jim’s seat was by the window, I was in the middle, and in the aisle seat next to me was a wonderful, friendly woman named Leslie, from Palo Alto.  She noticed that I was reading The Count of Monte Cristo and we started chatting about it.  She told me all about how her son was assigned to read it over the summer for his 8th grade English class.  The little trooper read the whole, 1200 page unabridged version, then showed up on the first day of school to find that his classmates had all read a variety of abridged editions, most between 300-500 pages long.  His teacher was immensely impressed with his “depth of understanding” and “grasp of characters” on the reports and tests – you’d hope so, considering he read twice as much of the book as all the other kids!  Anyway, Leslie and her husband and two boys (now young adults, but not yet married) were flying to Kauai for a 2-week family vacation.  When she found out that we’d be there before, she asked about what sights were worth seeing, which beaches were good for snorkeling, and all sorts of other stuff.  We had a great time.

Once on the island, my parents picked us up from the airport.  It was about 7pm there, but we felt like it was nearly midnight, and hadn’t eaten anything on the flight.  Mom & Dad wanted to do some grocery shopping, so Jim and I ate dinner at the Costco food court while we waited for them.  I was exhausted by the time we reached the hotel, but I wanted to see my sisters and Jim wanted to take a late-night swim, so it was quite a while before we finally turned in.

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  1. michelle
    2:08 PM on August 1st, 2009

    Have a wonderful time! Wm served part of his mission there and it one of our favorite places on earth!

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