Mixed Emotionsby Jim

19 Feb 2009
5:02 pm

wicked0606Last night was a difficult night for me.  Most of it was very enjoyable.  For our anniversary in December, I got two tickets to go see Wicked at the Orpheum theater in San Francisco.  As an additional surprise, I arranged to meet with some good friends at a restaurant near the theater.  Everything was wonderful.  We had a great dinner and the show was amazing.

When we went to see Phantom of the Opera in December with Dallyn, we parked across the street from the theater so we wouldn’t have to walk far.  We decided to park there again last night because of the convenience.  When we returned to our car, I was absolutely shocked to see that our car had been broken into.  The passenger side window had been completely smashed and our GPS and my cell phone were gone.  I had my cell phone out while driving and left it in the cup holder instead of putting it on my belt.  I forgot about it until we were already crossing the street to the theater and thought to myself, “it should be alright, the parking lot is well lit and attended.”  Looking back on the situation, I realize that was a very stupid thing to assume.  There is absolutely nothing the parking attendant is obligated to do if he were to witness a break-in.  There is a sign that says they aren’t responsible for valuables left in vehicles.  I was also parked at the far end of the lot, furthest from the booth and by a clear get-away path for a would-be criminal.

I was quite frustrated last night; I felt stupid and violated.  I felt bad for Angie and Jon who had to ride in a freezing cold car because the windows had been smashed in (especially Angie, who had to ride all the way back to Livermore with me).  Fortunately, they didn’t take our garage door opener, which was also in the car (along with a GPS that has “take me home” button — not to mention our address in my cell phone).

Things could certainly have been worse.  I could have been mugged, more damage could have been done to the car, I could have had sensitive identifying information on my cell phone, among other things.  I just hate making mistakes like this that make you feel so helpless and stupid.  What a way to ruin an otherwise wonderful evening.

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  1. Rebecca
    11:11 PM on February 19th, 2009

    Oh, Jim, I am so sorry that happened to you! Glad you got to see the show. I’m working on my harp arrangement of “I’m Not That Girl.” I actually e-mailed Mr. Schwartz to ask permission to arrange it for my own use for playing at wedding receptions, etc. His secretary actually wrote me back and said go for it. It waz cool.

  2. Kristie Jolley
    10:18 AM on February 20th, 2009

    Sorry. That stinks. I am excited you got to see Wicked though. I bet Angie totally loved it! (I know you would, but she might just a little bit more…) 🙂 I hope things turn out well for you. At least you didn’t lose your purse (please, don’t ever own a purse to lose) with your car keys at IKEA like I did…Try getting home without car keys.

  3. Momma Hoffman
    2:15 PM on February 23rd, 2009

    Hi Jim – Dad & I are home from our two week adventure that started with your surprise party. I was so very sorry to hear about your bad surprise following your enjoyable evening. What a way to totally ruin a fun event. As soon as I heard about it when we were at Rachel’s I went back into her bedroom to pray. When I knelt down I was surprised at the first words that spontaneously came out of my mouth; “Please forgive the person that did this.” The next words were that you and Angie would be able to feel peace again soon and not have any long-term bad consequences from this incident. But I do feel sorry for those that have become so desperate for money (many of them because of drug habits that have taken control of their lives) that they resort to such terrible tactics. I’m sorry that you were a victim, but I think you can take some comfort in knowing that the Lord knew that you would be quicker to forgive and get over it than someone else because of your faith. It is still a hard thing, though. You really do feel violated – punched in the gut hard when you weren’t expecting it. It may very well haunt you for a while to come. But your hard lesson learned will be a good reminder to the rest of us to be careful. Love you!

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