Early Morning Seminaryby Angie

18 Nov 2008
12:11 pm

My already high esteem for the youth of our ward and stake has been kicked up another notch today because for the first time in my life I did something that they do all year round: left the house before 6:30am to go to early morning seminary. I was substituting for Mary Coolbear, a friend in our ward who teaches the 15-year-olds (that’s 10th grade, right?). I knew about a third of the kids in the class, and they were all just fantastic. A little chatty, of course, as teenagers tend to be, but very polite and helpful to me as a substitute (it also helped that a couple of the boys know and really admire my husband). No one was more than five minutes late, and everyone was wide awake though the entire class. I was very impressed!

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  1. Kristi
    12:07 AM on November 22nd, 2008

    Mary Coolbear . . . is this a picture of her here? If so, she’s “California Grandma” to my good friends, Lee & Joee. Lee was a missionary treated to a Christmas at the Coolbear’s house. Small world, huh?

  2. Angie
    11:01 AM on November 22nd, 2008

    Yes! That’s Mary and her family. Wow, what a small world 🙂

  3. Momma Hoffman
    5:48 PM on November 24th, 2008

    How fun that you got to experience teaching seminary! And I was glad to hear that it was a good group. There’s nothing quite like early morning scripture study in a seminary class! The Lord loves & blesses those kids for their sacrifices. I hope I get to teach early morning seminary again sometime…

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