What You Ought To Know about WYOTKby Angie

10 Nov 2008
1:11 pm

Last week, someone in a “Protect Marriage” facebook group that I belonged to posted a link to a relevant podcast that was both entertaining and informative. I visited and watched the video…and then watched a couple of other episodes…and now I have a new favorite website: WhatYouOughtToKnow.com

The “Brothers Winn” research, write, and produce a new podcast every Tuesday about just about anything: science, politics, health, global warming, grammar, cooking, and more. In a special (and absolutely darling) episode this past July, they had a guest star named Jason – who is autistic – to help them talk about autism. WYOTK has been going for over a year and, if you compare the earliest episodes to the most recent ones, you can see a marked improvement in technicalities – pretty much all of them are entertaining and creative, however. Some of my favorite episodes are “Language Guide” (getting by in a foreign country), “Me, Myself, and I” (using the subjective vs. objective case of personal pronouns), and “Bioluminescence” (living things that glow). You can use the search box to the left of the video feed to look up particular topics or episodes.

Here is my very favorite episode of all:

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  1. Rachel
    5:39 PM on November 10th, 2008

    Now I know why I’ve seen some rolls of duct tape with a duck logo on it. I thought they were just being funny.

    This guy they’ve got is really good. Kind of like a younger and more diversely knowledgable Bill Nye.

  2. Kristi
    12:42 AM on November 12th, 2008

    What a fun site! I’ve spent the last 15 minutes watching little videos – this guy’s a blast. I love his nephew singing the alphabet song with the animals instead of their letters. My nephew’s autistic, and his mom’s going to loove this video.

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