Jennifer’s Gardenby Angie

16 May 2008
9:05 am

On Tuesday our Gardening Group met at Jennifer’s home to help plant her vegetable garden.  Her husband built grow boxes last year in their backyard; now they are filled with watermelon, squash, and zucchini seedlings.  We also planted tomato plants in containers, and potted some herbs and flowers as well.  We had a great time!

My “Bit of Earth”by Angie

1 May 2008
7:05 pm

My little plantsWe don’t have a yard or a garden – per se – but I have recently turned our front porch into a little nursery for my own amusement. It started with a few cooking herbs, but has grown to include potted petunias and forget-me-nots (seeds for the latter were given to us by Jim’s grandmother), as well as three cherry tomato plants and even a dwarf meyer lemon tree, which seems very happy despite the close quarters.My little tree

Incidentally, this gardening mania – which has been latent within me for quite a long time – has been encouraged by the creation of our ward gardening group. We took a tour of Alden Lane Nursery a few weeks ago, and I have become addicted. Alden Lane is like a garden itself, and I could wander up and down the rows, under the huge oak trees, for hours.

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