Commentsby Angie

9:11 am

I’ve been exploring the features of our super-cool blog, and I think I have things set up so that anyone can add comments in response to our posts. You need to submit your name and email address with your comment, but you don’t need to register or log in or anything like that. Once you’ve submitted it, it will be placed in a queue called “Moderation” – that means that it needs to be approved by a site admin (angie or jim), but it should show up in the next 24 hours.

This is just a precaution against spam, so if I call that yummy, crumbly dish that goes along with turkey the “stuffing” and you want me to call it “dressing,” go right ahead and disagree with me, and I promise that we’ll still approve your post.

If you are having trouble commenting, or your experience doesn’t jive with my description, please send me or Jim an email so we can get it fixed (I say “we” because that would mean I did it wrong, and I need Jim to help me fix it…).