Autumnby Angie

17 Nov 2007
6:11 pm

When I was little, my mom wrote a song called “Days, Months, and Seasons.” I remember thinking that it was pretty silly of her to say in the lyrics that Winter starts in December, since where I lived (which, to a kid, is the whole world) we often had snow on the ground by Halloween. Well, here in California, I have discovered that November really is part of Fall! The trees are slowly changing colors, and the perfect weather makes it feel like just the first tinglings of Autumn.

We visited the Oakland Temple today, and it is a beautiful drive. For the last few miles, you drive on CA 13, which is a little 2-lane highway that diverts off I-580. Much of it is uphill as you drive north, and both sides of the freeway are covered with dense trees and thick foliage. Off to the left (to the West) there are a few breaks in the trees, and once in a while and you can catch glimpses of the Bay. Up at the temple, there is a gorgeous vista overlooking the Bay and San Francisco on the far side.

I love it here!

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  1. Heather Hart
    1:56 PM on November 18th, 2007

    Oh me too! That is home! Home sweet home! I’m so glad you can experience a piece of my heart there in the San Francisco bay!

  2. Emi Parkes
    9:01 AM on November 19th, 2007

    Keep your eyes open next time you’re at the Oakland Temple – I know that David Parkes and his wife Erin work there a lot on Saturdays. :)

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