What’s Today???by Angie

15 Dec 2008
12:12 pm

This morning, my darling husband woke me up saying, “Do you want your surprise?  Do you want your birthday present?”  When I got my blurry eyes open and mumbled something silly in the affirmative, he told me to look under my pillow.  There was a slip of paper that read:

“I have a tongue, but do not taste; I’m glad – it’d be unpleasant.

I have a ‘soul,’ and so I’d like to help you find your present.”

…which led me to my closet, where I found another clue stuck in my right tennis shoe, which led me downstairs, which led me to the cat, which led me to Mr. B, which led me to the clock, which led me to the TV…behind which was a large package wrapped in brown paper:

I got a Wii Fit!  I’m so excited!  Jim made me breakfast, too, and then headed off to work while I started playing.  The little animated balance board even put on a birthday hat and tossed some confetti around, since today is my birthday!  Amazingly, my “fitness age” was 29…which isn’t my real age…but pretty close!  I thought that was pretty cool, considering the last time I tried a Wii fit, it guaged me at 64 or something.  I guess my Pilates is working even better than I thought!  Anyway, I love it!  Thank you, Jim!  And, thanks to my friends and family for all the warm wishes via phone, email, Gchat, facebook, Geni, etc.!