Called to the Templeby Angie

17 Apr 2009
3:04 pm

Wednesday was a beautiful day for driving to the Temple.  As I was on the road home, I realized that I never put up a post about the calling that brought me there, so here is the news:

Back in January, I was invited to serve as a volunteer in the Oakland Temple Family File Office, so I work a six-hour shift there each Wednesday.  I absolutely love it!  I answer the phone and transfer calls, I check in and out the study sheets that the Ordinance Workers use, print family file cards from the new request sheets that NewFamilySearch creates, and – my favorite thing of all – record ordinances that have been completed, then stamp and file the cards.  I’ve also had the opportunity to do Records Verification (talking with members who have come for living ordinances and putting their paperwork together), and I run any little errands that come up for the full-time staff.  Everyone is pleasant and kind, even when I make mistakes.  It is wonderful, and I love doing it.