“It’s a rental…”by Angie

2 Jul 2008
6:07 pm

Our car was in bad shape, so it had to spend a couple of days in the shop.  In the mean-time, we decided to rent a car for Wednesday, since I needed to get to Concord and back.  With AAA, renting was a lot cheaper than we thought it would be, and Hertz gives a discount if your car is being repaired.  So, I got to drive a fancy-shmancy Mazda3 for the whole day!  It was light blue, like in the picture.  I felt so cool – like I was on vacation or something, driving a sleek automatic with that “new car” smell.  I thought it would make our car seem pathetic in comparison.  When I picked up our own little Mazda 626 at the shop, though, with a new water pump and tensioners rumbling along inside, I felt happy to be driving my own car again.