The Mystery Phone…by Angie

20 Apr 2009
11:04 am

This post will hopefully be of personal interest to someone in our family:  We have discovered a cell phone in the back of a desk drawer that we cannot account for.  Has anyone lost one?  It must have been here for weeks, at least, but it still has enough battery life that we could turn it on and examine it.  The phone number appears to be a 772 area code, and the wallpaper is a darling picture of Grandma Hoffman with Jason’s girls – does it belong to Jason or Tiffany?  There are very few numbers in the phone book, but a few we recognize: Tom Dozier, Ross Boothe, Becka’s Cell.

I almost have some vague recollection that I was aware of the phone being deliberately left at our house… but I can’t, for the life of me, remember what that could have been, or who left it here.  It’s an at&t phone, LG flip-phone model, black all over, with a camera built in.  If anyone can enlighten us, I’d appreciate it!


img_0063Update by Jim at 9:25 pm 4/20:

By looking through the pictures on the phone, I was able to deduce the following: this phone was in Dad’s office on Jan 21 of this year.  On Aug 10, 2008 the phone was in Florida (unless Jason & Tiffany’s girls were somewhere else).  And on Nov 23, 2008, this phone was in Portland at Joey & Kelly’s place.  Also, the phone was last used on Jan 30 of this year.  Hopefully these clues might help identify the phone.  I’ve got a pretty good feeling that it is Mom’s.  I can’t think of anyone else that would travel this much (and I know Dad has an iPhone now, so this isn’t his).