Seeing “UP”by Angie

20 May 2009
7:05 pm

upLast week, while my in-laws were in town, we all took a trip out to Emmeryville for the “Friends & Family Screening” of Pixar’s newest film, “UP.”  We met up with Jon first at a fantastic pizza place called “Nathaniel’s” in Berkley.  After dinner, we drove over to the campus, received our special guest badges, and headed into the main building.  There wasn’t much of a line forming yet, so we went upstairs to the gallery to spend some time looking at the concept art for the film.  When it was finally time to go in, we sat together in the center near the front and center of the theatre.  After “Ooohing” and “Ahhing” at the shooting stars and watching a silly little short, we finally got to watch “UP.”

It was so fantastic!  I simply can’t express how hilarious and darling it was, and how much I enjoyed it.  I couldn’t do it justice if I tried to summarize it, so I will just emphatically encourage everyone I know to go and see it as soon as you can!

p.s.  All you Californian Fenton fans – keep your eyes and ears open!  :)

WALL-Eby Angie

26 Jun 2008
10:06 pm

Congratulations to Jon!  He learned today that he is being officially hired by Pixar!  Huzzah!  Hooray!  We’re so thrilled!

We found out the good news when we met Jon at the Pixar campus tonight, where he had invited us to a sneak preview of  WALL-E.  The new short before the film was bizzare, but cute – and then WALL-E started.  I spent the first two minutes laughing: if you know musical theatre, you’ll probably do the same.

It was fantastic.  Definitely a favorite of mine already.  I think that, deep down, WALL-E is a story about what it really means to be “alive” – whether we’re talking about a robot or a human, a plant or a planet.  It’s also, interestingly, about agency.  Mostly, though, it’s about love.  This is Pixar’s first actual love story, and it was adorable.  It’s not as quotable as other Disney movies (for obvious reasons), but there were still some great lines it it.  On the other hand, so much is conveyed without any words at all that I was amazed.  I even – I’ll admit it – cried.  Honest to goodness, tears streaming down my cheeks, right near the end; and I didn’t even realize it until the credits started.

Anyway, it’s wonderful, and I highly recommend that everyone should go see it!  Today!  Take a date and hold hands.  Take your kids – they’ll love it.  Go by yourself and just enjoy it.  Don’t miss it!