Postcardsby Angie

8 Apr 2009
11:04 pm

Since I know we have readers from several different states, I wanted to pass along a request from my cousin, Becky, on behalf of her daughter’s kindergarten class:

Hey friends,
I’m wondering if you all could do me a favor. My daughter’s kindergarten class is learning about maps and globes right now. They are hoping to get people who live in different states and countries to send a postcard to the class so they can learn about different places and find those places on the maps. I was hoping you could all send a postcard from where you live to Alixie’s class for me. You can send them to:

Mrs. Black’s Class
13717 S. Shaggy Peak Dr.
Riverton, UT 84096

Then if you could just write: To Alixie and class, and then give a few facts or details about the place you live, that would be great! If you could mail the postcards by this Saturday that would be the best :)

I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate your help in this, I figure the more postcards they get the more my child will actually learn, so I’m really trying to do my part to round some up!!!
Thanks so much,