Try-Me-Night: Red Hot Tomato Pepper Soupby Angie

22 Jul 2008
12:07 pm

I’m rather proud of this recipe, because I made it up :)  Almost all of the ingredients can be found at our Costco, so we also affectionately call it “Costco soup.”  It has become a favorite of ours – certainly more interesting than plain old tomato soup.  It’s easy, so it’s a great meal to throw together on a chilly evening, or after a long day.  It is also very spicy, so if you want to turn down the heat, just add one sausage instead of two, or cool your bowl down with a dallop of sour cream.

The red pepper & tomato soup I get from Costco isn’t always consistent in its… well, consistency. I think that’s because it’s organic. Anyway, if I happen to get a thicker batch, I thin it out with a little milk or chicken broth. Jim likes to stir in some goldfish crackers, and warm bread is tasty alongside, too.  Hope you like it as much as we do!

Good Eatsby Angie

6 Feb 2008
10:02 am

I love cooking. I think I’ve loved it ever since I was little and learned to make the best homemade macaroni and cheese in the world with my sister Emily. However, since I was a fairly picky eater growing up, I had a very limited selection of dishes I knew how to make (because, frankly, how silly would it be to cook something I didn’t like?). Going on a mission and getting married did a lot for expanding my culinary horizons, but I think my confidence in experimentation has mostly come from my favorite TV show (really, the only one I watch regularly): “Good Eats.”

“Good Eats” is hosted by Alton Brown – the Bill Nye of the culinary world. It’s all about the science behind cooking, the history of various foods, safety and hardware in the kitchen, and learning methods rather than just recipes. Lots of puns and visual aids make it extra entertaining. Watching this show inspired Jim to try making homemade jam… and now we never buy store-bought because making our own is both cheaper and tastier. When we can find flank steak for a good price, we make Good Eats beef jerky on our homemade drying rig (rather than a dehydrator), which tastes fantastic with no scary chemical preservatives. Even my baked potatoes will never be the same since applying tips from Alton Brown.

Anyway, just to experiment, I’m going to try embedding a video of the Good Eats theme song right in my post. Enjoy!

Haircutby Angie

15 Jan 2008
12:01 pm

Ok, don’t tell my sisters, but… I cut my own hair today. Just a trim, mind you. I bought some shears recently because I’ve been stewing about whether to spend a bunch of money having my hair cut professionally, but it seemed pointless since I just needed the ends trimmed. I figured that, no matter how badly I botched it (as long as I didn’t cut too much), I could always go to a stylist after all to fix it. Well, today I got up the courage to do it and, amazingly, I think my dignity is still intact!

I’m not sure if this is a life lesson learned or just an example of very good luck, but at least I can check one more thing off my “to do someday soon eventually” list! :)