Try-Me-Night: Split Pea Soupby Angie

25 Aug 2008
9:08 pm

Since Jim received the calling of Ward Mission Leader, we’ve been feeding the missionaries almost every week.  We asked them if there was anything special they’d like us to make – something they miss from home, or haven’t had in a long time.  Elder Howard asked us to make his mom’s split pea soup.  He gave us his home phone number and I called Kathy Howard in College Station, Texas, to get her recipe.  It was great to talk to her, and she was very pleased to hear about her son and help us make something special for him.

Sadly, we found out less than a week later that Elder Howard was going to be transferred to Antioch!  Still, we managed to have the Elders over for his dinner the evening before transfers, and it turned out great!  He said it was wonderful, and just like his mom’s!  It was super easy, too, so for anyone who likes this soup, it’s definitly a recipe you should try.

Try-Me-Night Review: Crock-pot Chicken Enchiladasby Angie

18 Dec 2007
9:12 pm

Becka’s mild chicken enchilada recipe is one I’ve made many times before, but altering it for the crock-pot made it a try-me night. I wanted to try making the enchilada filling in the crock-pot (for those who have Rachel’s crock-pot chicken alfredo recipe, the method is very similar), then rolling the tortillas and cooking them in the oven to finish them off. It actually worked really well, and I felt like it took much less effort on my part. I thought that using all dark meat might make it too greasy (since all the fat would be stuck in the crock-pot as it cooked), so I used a combination of chicken thighs and breasts. The meat was cooked beautifully after four hours on high in the crock-pot! I also warmed up the tortillas before rolling, which made them easier to handle.

Overall, it was a great experiment, and I think I’ll keep doing it this way in the future. Thanks for the original recipe, Becka!

Try-Me-Night Review: Crock-pot Meat Loafby Angie

19 Nov 2007
9:11 am

This recipe was pretty good, but I had some problems with it. I didn’t follow it exactly (which was, I’m sure, the source problems): I had some zucchini and carrots that I wanted to use up, so I grated them and added them with the onion. I should have realized that additional veggies would add liquid, and adjusted the rest of the recipe accordingly, but I didn’t. So, the meat mixture didn’t stay in a “loaf” very well – it kind of just melted all over the top of the potatoes. Because it spread out so much, quite a bit of the mixture touched the sides of the crock-pot and was burned. I just scooped those bits out, though, when it was done cooking.

Actually, the flavor was still quite good, and we really liked the way the potatoes were cooked. It ended up more like a beef & potato casserole than meat loaf, but it was tasty anyway. I will definitely try it again, because it was super easy, but I’ll follow directions better next time :)

For the full recipe, visit the “Try-Me-Night Recipes” page.