Try-Me-Night Review: Tuna Casseroleby Angie

30 Nov 2007
9:11 pm

This recipe is familiar to the Hoffman family, but it was the first time I made it myself, so it was a try-me-night for me. I always cut down on salt, so I only added about a teaspoon and a couple of grinds of black pepper…but that was obviously not enough of either of them. I probably should have used twice that much salt and lots more pepper. I also think I overcooked the pasta a bit: I should have remembered to pull it a bit before al dente, since it would cook even longer in the oven.

Besides those things, it was great! I didn’t think I would like the cheese on the top (the first time I had it at the Hoffmans), but I really love it! Medium cheddar adds a good amount of tang without being too sharp.