The Ol’ College Tryby Jim

27 Jan 2020
7:01 pm

Well, we had our post-op follow-up appointment today to do a device check and speak with Angie’s cardiologist, and I’m afraid there isn’t good news. The device check revealed that Angie has been in arrhythmia since January 9, the day of the ablation. Getting into the arrhythmia isn’t surprising, because they had her stop her anti-arrhythmia medications before the procedure to induce arrhythmia so that they could find the rogue circuits while they were mapping out her heart. The unfortunate thing is that the new medication they put her on hasn’t been enough to get her out of arrhythmia since the 9th. That wasn’t really what we wanted to hear.

So, currently the plan is to increase the dosage for another week to make sure we give the new drug “the ol’ college try” before giving up on it. Dr. Lui asked that we come back in a week and if she’s still not in sinus rhythm (or regular heat rhythm), they’ll need to intervene. They’ll try first with her pacemaker and if that doesn’t work, they’ll have to cardiovert (shock) her. We’ve done a couple cardioversions before, but they aren’t fun. Dr. Lui mentioned the possibility of going back to a former anti-arrhythmia medication if this one just can’t cut it. We’re definitely hoping that the increased dosage is all it takes and we don’t have to be admitted to the hospital next week.

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  1. Rebecca J. Carlson
    7:16 PM on January 27th, 2020

    We will definitely be praying for you here!

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