The Treasure Boxby Jim

11:03 pm

This morning I made palacsintas for breakfast and Rachel whipped up some whipped cream. I asked Mom if she wanted to lick the beaters, and since she didn’t say no, we gave her some. Who doesn’t like a little fresh whipped cream off of a beater?

Throughout the day, I’m frequently saying, “We sure love you, Mom,” or just, “I love you,” or, “We love you.” This morning, when I said it, she started to try and say something back. It was very faint, but she distinctly started saying, “I love… I love,” but couldn’t quite get the words out. “You love us, too?” I offered. Then she just mouthed the words with a look of relief on her face, “I love you, too.” That was all I heard from her all day.

Angie and Rachel went to run some errands and I think Joseph was catching up on some work, so it was pretty quiet this morning. Dad had a few minutes to sit alone with Mom and I could hear him talking softly to her from the other room. I couldn’t hear what he was saying, but I could sense his sweet kindness in the sound of his voice.

This afternoon Dad put on Fiddler on the Roof, one of Mom’s favorites. It was fun to listen to the wonderful music while I tried to get a little work done from my bedroom. Of course, I still have the music stuck in my head, but I don’t really mind since I love it, too.

Spring is springing here in Georgia and there are a few trees that have blossoms that have opened in the last day or so. Mom loves gardening so much that we figured she would like to go and see her trees. We loaded her in the wheelchair and rolled her down to the pool room where her indoor lemon tree is potted. We helped her to smell the one blossom that has bloomed on that tree and then showed her the peach tree outside that has little pink blossoms all over it. It was a little cold and wet outside, so we just admired the tree from the comfort of the house.

For Family Home Evening tonight, after our opening song and prayer, we took turns reading from a little wooden box Mom kept in her office. It is shaped like a little treasure chest and has little slips of paper inside and the words “My Treasure Box of Precious Memories” on top. She started writing down special memories on a little slip of paper and storing them inside. She had about 20-30 inside. I’m not sure how long she’s been doing it, but I got the impression is was in the last several years. There were things in there about going to weddings, going to high school performances, things from way back, like details about our births, etc. It was a great activity.

Tonight we sang to Mom again, as we always do. Jason joined us, as he has these last few nights, and we sang Mom to sleep. At one point, Angie said, “We love you.” Mom’s eyes widened a bit — her indication over the last few days that she is very present and aware at that moment. Her eyes were replying, so Angie spoke the words for her: “And we know you love us, too.” Mom nodded.

It was another very sweet day with our mother. Thank you for all your prayers, love, and support. We know many of you wish you could be here; we’re grateful for your care and concern. We hope you still feel a part of things through these posts.

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