A Mid-day Updateby Angie

21 Feb 2014
12:02 pm

Mom is very peaceful and quiet – more so than a few days ago, I think. She curled up with Dad on the couch for quite a while yesterday, and we’ve been having a difficult time uncurling her since then – she continues to lean way to the right. She has seemed almost sleepy much of the day, but “Smiles for Life” made her smile again last night, and she even tapped her toes to the music.

Rachel and I have been writing in Mom’s new journal. I’ll pick a designated place to leave it, so whenever someone is visiting they can add to it, too.

Yesterday I helped with some phone calls and visited a couple of hospice agencies. Today we got the ball rolling with Gentiva Hospice, and they should be sending out an RN to do a preliminary evaluation today if they can get the referral from Dr. Curtis processed within the next few hours.

Pam and Tom Dozier arrived last night, and it’s so wonderful to have them here. Rachel went home early this morning. We’ve watched some Olympics and Studio C, and then we took Mom out into the beautiful sunshine for her exercising. Pam is helping her eat lunch now.  I’m sure we’ll have more to add in a bit.

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