Meeting Mistyby Angie

5:02 pm

A lot has happened in a couple of hours!  We had a visit from Misty, an RN with Gentiva Hospice, who examined Mom and did an evaluation and then went over lots of paperwork with Dad.  The weekend nurse will be in tomorrow for a follow-up, and then we have set up some basic routine care a couple of times a week and have ordered a wheelchair, shower bench, and other supplies.

Misty will be our regular nurse and case manager – she was very sweet and helpful, and even left her cell phone number so we could call or text her anytime we need to.  The consensus around here is that we have a good feeling about this and that it’s definitely time to have the support and advice that hospice can offer.

One service that Gentiva offers is grief counseling for close family, even if you don’t live nearby.  Since someone has already expressed a possible need for that, I asked about whether that could be arranged over the phone.  Phone counseling can be arranged, but I learned that, because Gentiva has branches all over the country, anyone on their Bereavement List can make an appointment and be seen in person if they have a local branch nearby.  Jim did some research and found locations in CA, OR, and MA (not HI – sorry!).  Counseling can begin at any time now that Mom is receiving care, and is covered under the hospice services for 13 months following her passing.  If any of you in our family feel a need to utilize this, please feel free to talk to Dad and he can have Misty get you listed.

Mom is smiling and peaceful, and ever so obliging.  It is certainly a blessing that her wonderful personality has been distilled down to such a simple example of who she truly is: a cheerful, loving, grateful daughter of God.  We all love her very much, and her love for us is still constant and strong.  She called her children her crown jewels, and she is truly the burnished gold that holds us all together.

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