CPR/First Aid Courseby Angie

8 Nov 2008
5:11 pm

One of the many items on our adoption application accomplishment list is to take courses in both CPR and First Aid.  Generally, these classes can be taught by American Heart Association or the Red Cross, which charges a variety of amounts of money (we were looking at a combined Adult & Child CPR/FA course that cost $80 per person).  Luckily, LDS Family Services contracts with the American Medical Response (the people who answer 911 calls and bring paramedics to the scene of emergencies) to give classes a few times a year for just the cost of the textbook – $8.50.

So, we spent over five hours today up in Concord, learning how to give CPR, use an AED, treat burn wounds and snake bites, and package an amputated body part to safely accompany the rest of the body to the hospital.  We practiced on mannequins, baby dolls, and each other.  Our trainer was named Gabrielle, and she made a very long day manage to be pretty fun and interesting. Speaking of interesting – the most interesting thing I learned today: If you are having a pacemaker implanted, you’d better tell your doctor if are a golfer, because that actually affects where they decide to place it! Amazing. Too bad nobody told me that at nine years old…

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  1. Rachel
    7:39 PM on November 8th, 2008

    Okay, not that I ever want to use this information, but I am curious, how would I package an amputated body part? …Just in case…

  2. Angie
    7:49 PM on November 8th, 2008

    A nice man with a fake finger showed us exactly what to do! Rinse the…um…appendage, and pad the…uh…disconnected end with lots of gauze to stop any more bleeding. Then – for a finger, at least – place it in a snack-size zip-top bag and seal the top. Place near a very cold pack of some kind, but not in direct contact (or the ice could freeze and kill some of those cells that the person can’t tell are freezing). Then, make sure it accompanies the rest of the body to the hospital.

    There, now you’re prepared :)

  3. Momma Hoffman
    9:34 AM on November 9th, 2008

    eeewwww! now that would be a unique experience to engage in – but certainly of great benefit to know about if the circumstances ever presented themselves! Thanks for sharing… :-I

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