Crummy Carpet Cleaningby Angie

10 Oct 2008
11:10 am

I’m looking for advice on cleaning carpets!  I spent all afternoon Wednesday moving the furniture I could out of our living/dining area, vacuuming the whole floor, and shampooing the carpets with a big steamer-vac I rented from Home Depot… all to no avail.  They still look terrible!

I began by spraying the worst areas with the special “high traffic treatment” spray that Home Depot recommended, and for solution I used a cleaner called “Kids’N’Pets” that was highly recommended to me.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize how very much was required, so I hadn’t bought enough and ran out when the room was only half done.  It didn’t look like it was working, and I didn’t want to stop in the middle and go shopping, so I looked at some forums online, where several people recommended using just vinegar and hot water in the steamer.  I used that for the second half of the floor, but the results were just as disappointing.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me before I spend three hours on my hands and knees scrubbing?

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  1. Carolyn
    2:23 PM on October 10th, 2008

    What type of vacuum are you using? Some of them actually push the dirt in deeper or spread it around. I bought a kirby and it works really well – even came with a shampoo-er. The bags and shampoo are a little costly, but the vacuum is very sturdy and lasts forever. It’s really done a good job on my light colored carpet (when I get around to vacuuming, lol!)

  2. Kathy
    2:40 PM on October 10th, 2008

    sorry about the carpet cleaning troubles! if i lived near you i would loan you our cleaner, as i have been pleased with it’s performance. honestly, though, i think it is at least partly due to the carpet itself. it is really hard to make a inexpensive carpet look good! it just wears down fast and gets stained easily. so don’t feel too bad. you did the best you could. a good vacuum helps in keeping it look as nice as possible and there is a shake-on powder you can buy that helps with pet odors. you shake it on, wait a few minutes then vacuum. it comes in a variety of scents.

  3. Kristyn
    9:45 AM on October 24th, 2008

    I have some professional carpet cleaning solution you can try

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