Relief Society General Broadcastby Angie

28 Sep 2008
7:09 pm

I almost didn’t go to the RS Broadcast last night because my cold was still bothering me, and I knew it would be available online in a day or two.  Late in the day, though, I was feeling slightly better, so I arranged for dinner to be in the oven for Jim to feed the Elders who were coming over that night, got dressed up, and headed out the door at 5:50.  When I arrived at the chapel, no one was there!  I came home (much to the surprise of Jim, Jon, and the Elders who were sitting down to eat) and called Irene – our RS President – to ask her what had happened.  Well, I was confused: it didn’t start until 7, so I got to eat dinner after all, and then drove back to the chapel half an hour later.

I’m so glad I went!  The Presidency’s messages were wonderful, but my favorite was definitely Elder Uchtdorf’s talk, which was about our heritage of happiness:  that we can partake of God’s joy by emulating His creativity and compassion.  It was simply wonderful.  I especially loved the description of his “heroic” cooking skills, and was able to delight Jim by telling him that he and Elder Uchtdorf have a specialty dish in common: fried eggs!

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