The Princess and her Fairy Godmotherby Angie

3 Aug 2008
11:08 am

… continued from Part I: “The Prince & The Captain.”

The Princess was in distress.  What on earth could she do when the Prince, her fine husband, was so downhearted?  She knew that his courage and integrity would make him perfectly suited to his new responsibility, but she couldn’t imagine being cheerful while he was so sad.  She helped the royal cook prepare very special meals and asked the court musicians to play his favorite tunes, but all to no avail.

Finally, she had a wonderful idea:  She would call her Fairy Godmother!  The spry and thoughtful magical lady always had good advice and perfect remedies for the Princess’s troubles.  The lovely Fairy appeared almost instantly to the summons in a shower of silver snowflakes (which, luckily, did not melt into a puddle on the carpet but instead shrank to tiny silver sparkles and then disappeared).

“What can I do for you, my dear Princess?”  asked the beautiful Fairy.

“Well, you see… it’s my husband, the Prince.  He’s unhappy.  I mean, he’s had a… disappointment.”  and the Princess explained the whole story to the attentive Fairy.  When she finished with, “…so I hoped that you could, perhaps, do something for him…?” the gray curls bobbed around the Fairy’s face as she sadly shook her head.

“My dear child, there is nothing that I can do for him.  It is not within my power to change how someone feels and thinks.”

“Then tell me what I should do!”  urged the Princess.  “I am prepared for any quest that would secure his happiness:  send me over the golden hills to the North or beyond the great sea to the West or past my father’s kingdom in the mountains to the East or into the desert wasteland to the South!  I will tread any path to bring back any treasure that will aid my beloved Prince.”

The Fairy Godmother knew that the Princess was in desperate earnest, but she gently shook her head again, this time with a soft smile on her lips.  “There are no treasures in the wide world that will grant your desire.  Your Prince has great treasures within himself which will bring about the change you seek in time.  But, there is some advice I can offer before I go.  When you were born, you were also given treasures by me and my sisters.  Do you remember?”

“I remember learning of them as I grew up.”  the Princess replied, curious as to how her fairy gifts might help her Prince.

“Do you remember what gift you received from my second-youngest sister?”  The Fairy raised one eyebrow and her smile broadened as she added, “it is a gift which must be exercised and practiced to stay useful.  If you find it and dust off the cobwebs, I believe it will stand you in good stead now.”  The air shimmered and the Fairy Godmother vanished, leaving the Princess with her thoughts.  She sighed, and then managed to smile.

“Alright, then.  I’ll be patient.”

…to be continued (one more time)…

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  1. emi-jo
    11:32 AM on August 15th, 2008

    :D aaaaa! a clifhanger! i can’t wait to hear what happens next!! :D

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