Try-Me-Night: Red Hot Tomato Pepper Soupby Angie

22 Jul 2008
12:07 pm

I’m rather proud of this recipe, because I made it up :)  Almost all of the ingredients can be found at our Costco, so we also affectionately call it “Costco soup.”  It has become a favorite of ours – certainly more interesting than plain old tomato soup.  It’s easy, so it’s a great meal to throw together on a chilly evening, or after a long day.  It is also very spicy, so if you want to turn down the heat, just add one sausage instead of two, or cool your bowl down with a dallop of sour cream.

The red pepper & tomato soup I get from Costco isn’t always consistent in its… well, consistency. I think that’s because it’s organic. Anyway, if I happen to get a thicker batch, I thin it out with a little milk or chicken broth. Jim likes to stir in some goldfish crackers, and warm bread is tasty alongside, too.  Hope you like it as much as we do!

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