I’m Famous!by Jim

19 Apr 2008
5:04 pm

Well, maybe not famous, but the laser I’m working on is.  KQED did a little blurb on NIF recently, so I’ve posted it here.  It gives a good summary of what we’re working on out here in Livermore, and it is worth watching.  I think it is cool, but then I’m partial to videos about giant lasers.  (The segment is about 11 minutes long.)

If you’d like to watch a bigger version of it, pop on over to http://www.kqed.org and have a look-see.  Man, I love my job.

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  1. Momma Hoffman
    5:59 PM on April 20th, 2008

    This was very cool to watch, and I am still in awe that one of MY VERY OWN SONS is working on such a project, although I think I’d feel more comfortable if I knew he was going to come visit me on the day they first try this out. It is a little scary to me to think of being in the same building or adjoining surroundings where they are going to create a “miniature star” as the clip calls it!

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