How ’bout them Jazz?by Angie

30 Nov 2007
11:11 pm

WOW! Jim and I just finished watching tonight’s Jazz game: Jazz vs. Lakers at Salt Lake City. It was absolutely fantastic! With two of our starters in street clothes because of injuries, and one of our players making his NBA debut (called up from the D-league), we scored 70 points in the first half! We were afraid the Lakers were biding their time for a big come-back, but the Jazz continued to outscore them with fantastic offense. Final score was 120 to 96! We totally schooled them!

I’d love to do a whole play-by-play, because it was such an amazing game, but I’m sure I couldn’t do it justice. Hey, we have it recorded, if anyone missed it!

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  1. Angie
    9:41 AM on December 1st, 2007

    The one big disappointment of the game was the immature Jazz fans who constantly booed Derek Fisher of the Lakers. Fisher used to play for us, and was a great asset to our team, but he left at the end of last year due to serious family concerns. Now he plays for the Lakers, and some of the fans were so rude toward him, it was very cruel.

    This summer, Utah Jazz fans received a big compliment when Utah was voted the best home court and fan base in the league by… but booing old team-members is a pathetic way to show our own team spirit.

  2. Jonathan
    10:16 AM on December 4th, 2007

    It was a very fun game to go to. Dad and I both thought the jazz had about a 40 percent chance of actually winning without Boozer and Okur. Seeing them smash the lakers handily without their two all-stars was highly satisfying. My favorite play of the game was Milsap doing a hammer dunk at the end of the first half. It was beautiful

  3. Jim
    10:27 AM on December 4th, 2007

    I think 40% is a little generous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely a Jazz fan, but I thought that the 50+ points that Okur and Boozer average would be hard to come by. And Kobe has a habit of scoring 50+ points all by his lonesome against us. It made the game even more enjoyable for me.

    Go Jazz!

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