The Pant Problemby Angie

21 Sep 2008
3:09 pm

During dinner Friday night (in Truckee), I managed to get pizza sauce on my jeans (yes, I’m a klutz).  Well, Jim and I had both planned to just wear the same pants both Friday and Saturday, so I didn’t have an extra pair – but there was a washing machine in the condo, so I changed into my PJs and threw my pants in the washer.  At the last minute, Jim decided to toss his pants in, too.  An hour later, I moved the wash along, then the dryer finished just before we went to bed.  I decided to check that they were dry before going to sleep.  I opened the dryer… and they were cold and wet.  Nervously, I started the cycle over, turning the options to “high” and “more dry.”  I also tossed in a clean, dry towel.

I woke up during the night and checked again.  Still wet.  I hung up the towel, tossed in two dry ones, and started it once more, without much hope.  Next morning – sure enough – cold and damp.  We were in trouble.  Jim thought we should wear damp jeans on the five-hour train ride home.  That was not appealing to me, but the idea of going in our pajama bottoms wasn’t much better.  Luckily, Jon was there and had an idea:  we could borrow his pants!  You see, Jon met us in Truckee as a break in his 12-hour drive home from Utah, bringing the last of his belongings from there to his new apartment in Emeryville.  That being the case, he happened to have four or five pairs of pants with him.  Amazingly, Jim and I both found a pair that basically fit, so we spent the rest of the day wearing Jon’s pants.