Early Morning Seminaryby Angie

18 Nov 2008
12:11 pm

My already high esteem for the youth of our ward and stake has been kicked up another notch today because for the first time in my life I did something that they do all year round: left the house before 6:30am to go to early morning seminary. I was substituting for Mary Coolbear, a friend in our ward who teaches the 15-year-olds (that’s 10th grade, right?). I knew about a third of the kids in the class, and they were all just fantastic. A little chatty, of course, as teenagers tend to be, but very polite and helpful to me as a substitute (it also helped that a couple of the boys know and really admire my husband). No one was more than five minutes late, and everyone was wide awake though the entire class. I was very impressed!

Business Opportunityby Angie

29 Sep 2008
8:09 pm

Attention, Bay Area choreographers, trainers, & dancers!  My friend Kjelene owns an established dance academy in Livermore and is offering studio space to entrepeneuers who wish to start their own classes, dance crew, or company.  You would not need to consider your classes affiliated with her academy – this is just a rental contract for one or more of her studio rooms.  She can host all kinds of classes, including yoga, martial arts, ballroom, hip hop, Irish folk, hula, etc.  If you want more info – or know someone who may be interested – just leave me a comment or send me an email!