Love & Sympathy for the Chapman Familyby Angie

9 Jun 2008
7:06 pm

Many of you know that one of our favorite music artists is Christian singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman.  You may not know that in addition to being an incredibly talented musician, he is also a wonderful husband and father.  In fact, after having two sons and a daughter of their own, he and his wife, Mary Beth, adopted three more daughters from China.

We just learned that last week the youngest of those three, five-year-old Maria Sue, was killed in an accident last Wednesday.  Our heartfelt love and sympathy go out to that wonderful family.  I know this must be a terribly difficult time for them, and they will all be in our prayers.

Here is a sweet video of Steven and Maria washing dishes together, including music and dancing!  If washing dishes were this much fun at our house, there would never be a dirty dish left in the sink  :)  (for those of you who checked out the links above, it is the same as the second video in the article).