Angie Checking Inby Angie

19 Sep 2009
11:09 am

IMG_0062Hi, everyone – this is Ang.  I just wanted to check in and let you know that I’m doing fine.  This recovery is a little more painful than when I did this back in April, but since I’m not feeling sick as I recover, I’m feeling better about things this time around.

My sweet husband is taking wonderful care of me, putting himself at my beck and call every moment he is at home.  My Mom is visiting, too, and it’s been fun to talk and watch movies with her.  She brought her recipe books, too, so we’ve been spending some time adding to “Sugar & Spice.”  Jaquie, of course, is delighted to have Jim home and people sitting on the couch all day, and her purring is always a special  comfort to me.

Everyone has been very kind and helpful:  Joleen came by Thursday evening with flowers for me, and Heidi brought dinner for us last night.  I appreciate all the notes and phone calls of encouragement, and am especially grateful for your prayers on my behalf.  I’m quite a lucky girl to have such wonderful family and friends supporting me at times like this.

Lots of Help Recoveringby Angie

8 May 2009
5:05 pm

Hi, everyone – I’m alive!  Recovery is kind of lame, but going well.  Kathy has spent the week with us, and has done her best to wait on me hand and foot.  Jim has been wonderfully attentive, too.  I feel like a very lazy princess.  My most enthusiastic exercise comes from a couple of trips up and down the stairs each day.

Jaquie is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, and has been very affectionate, as usual.  We were a little worried, before the surgery, about what to do with her at night – she usually lies on Jim as we are falling asleep, then migrates to some part of me during the night, but it is pretty uncomfortable to have a cat sprawled on your stomach or legs when you have an incision to worry about.  Surprisingly enough, she must have been listening to our conversation about it, or else noticed a difference in my sleeping habits:  she now lies on Jim for a while but, of her own accord, she now often spends the rest of the night on the end of the bed or the floor.  We have such a smart, sweet cat!

I have a post-op appointment next Monday, where they will check me out and make sure everything looks good.  No steri-strips for them to examine – just stitches on the inside and super glue on the outside, this time!  Things look good to me, so far, so I’m sure we’ll have good news next week.  We’ll keep you posted.