Dear Governor Schwarzeneggerby Angie

14 Nov 2008
11:11 am

Dear Governor,

I was shocked and dismayed to learn that you are publicly encouraging the legal backlash against Proposition 8. This issue was decided democratically by the voice of the people – the same way that you were elected to office! You are responsible for upholding and promoting the will of the people, and the people have spoken very clearly multiple times on this issue.

Please respect the convictions of your constituents. Please respect our right to vote, and our right to express a moral opinion on societal questions. Please respect the democratic process by upholding the passage of Proposition 8.

Thank you,
Angela Hoffman

Yes, I actually sent this email to the Governor, in response to his public “disappointment” that prop 8 passed:,0,4429002.story

I’m kind of amazed at myself… Anyway, if anyone else would like to do the same, you can contact the Governor’s office via this website:

Letter to the Editorby Angie

20 Oct 2008
1:10 pm

Last week I voted “Yes” to the Tri-Valley Herald’s online poll, “Do you support Proposition 8?”  In addition to the poll, there was a link to submit a 50-100 word response to the editor as to why or why not.  I put my two cents in, emailed the poll link to several friends, and proceeded to forget about it.  Yesterday, though, a friend in my ward named Sandy Guyman approached me before Sacrament Meeting and said, “Congratulations!  You’re famous!”  …I had to admit, I had no idea what she was talking about, so she laughed and said that the Herald published my comments in Saturday’s Letters to the Editor!  I’ve submitted so many responses and comments on various sites over the past couple of weeks that I couldn’t even remember what I had written in that case!  Since we don’t take that paper, Sandy kept it for me and her husband brought it over to us last night.

I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the Herald’s website.  They have a page of links for Letters to the Editor, but there is no link for October 18ths letters.  Anyway, here is what i wrote:

“Various ethnicities receive ‘civil rights’ because the distinctions of race are completely innate and beyond their control.  The choice of whether to act or not act on homosexual passions or appetities may be difficult, but it IS a choice.  . . . And it happens to be a choice that (in 2000 at least) the majority of Californians did not think warranted legal endorsement.  Californians who still feel the same way should continue to stand up for these beliefs by voting Yes on Proposition 8.”

Jim and I spent quite a while last night reading the rest of the responses, and I’d like to share my favorite:

“I think children all deserve to have a mother AND a father.  Men and women have different strengths and they compliment each other.”  …emphasis added by me, because I certainly hope so!  :)  The misspelling may have been a Lapsus Clavis, but I agree with both the literal and intended meaning.