Try-Me Night: Chimichangasby Angie

21 Apr 2008
11:04 am

our schnazzy new deep-fryerWe recently purchased deep-fryer and have started experimenting with it almost every Friday (which we have now dubbed “Fry-day”). Chimichangas seemed pretty ambitious to me, but they turned out to be a huge success! We didn’t follow a particular recipe – I just looked at a few different ones for ideas and then came up with my own plan. Jim and Jon were a little leery of this – they really wanted us to do some “Proof of Concept” tests in advance to make sure things would come out right (because we were going to make them while my parents were in town visiting). Well, we never made time for early tests, so we just launched in on Friday. Luckily, they were delicious, and very easy! We decided that they would be even better with a hot, spicy sauce of some kind on top, so we’ll try adding that next time. This is definitely a meal we’ll make again!