Impending Dischargeby Jim

11 Jan 2020
10:01 am

When a doctors says the words, “discharge papers,” you know you’re probably going to leave today. Things go slowly at the hospital, but it was early this morning when Dr. Motonaga said something about getting Angie’s discharge papers started. I anticipate we’ll be on the freeway home by early afternoon today. Hooray!

The doctors gave Angie her 1-2 week at-home care instructions during their regular morning rounds this morning, which was another good indication that we’ll be out of here soon. She’ll finish loading the new arrhythmia drug at home and continue to adjust her other meds to compensate while she gets to her regular dosage. From here on out, we’ll be trying to manage the arrhythmias with a combination of medicine and hardware (her pacemaker). They’ll check her pacemaker in a couple weeks to see how the medicine is doing. This should allow her body to acclimatize to the new drug and hopefully we’ll see a decreased (or ideally eliminated) occurrence of the arrhythmias.

I’ll do a quick post when we’ve been discharged and before we go so you will know when we’re on our way home. (We’ve had to stay an extra day after being told we were being discharged, so it isn’t official until you’re walking out of the hospital.) Thank you all again for keeping up to date and following along with our medical adventures this time. It means a lot to us that you’re aware of what we’re going through.

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