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10:03 pm

This morning for breakfast, Louise made palacsintas and cinnamon-sauteed apples.  Mom was not her usual chipper self and was tired enough to take a nap after breakfast.

Around 11am, Jason & Tiffany arrived with their girls for a visit but since Mom was still asleep we played upstairs for a while and prepared a puppet show for Grandma Hoffman.  Once she was awake, Jim helped us transport and set up the puppet theater in the living room and we put on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”

The girls went home after that for lunch and we tried to feed Mom as well.  We’ve been successful at helping her drink more today, but she is definitely eating less.  After lunch she spent some time out in the sunshine, first sitting on the back porch and then being wheeled up and down the street in Rover by Jim.

Finally, it was time for Louise to head out to the airport so we said our goodbyes and brought Mom in.  She was worn out but not sleepy, so we curled up on the couch and watched Finding Nemo.  Jon arrived shortly before it ended, and sat with us while we watched a couple of episodes of Studio C.  He’d had a long night and a long flight, though, so he went to take a nap for a while and Mom eventually said she wanted to lie down as well.

Jim helped her get comfortable on her side on the couch and sat with her for a minute to make sure she was comfortable.  I was behind the couch, looking down, and thought for a moment that she seemed to be trying to say something, but then I realized that she was actually mouthing the words to the song that was playing: an arrangement of “Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee” by (“the other”) Roger Hoffman.  It was so sweet.

She rested until dinnertime.  We were initially a bit discouraged that we still couldn’t get her to eat much, and she was having trouble drinking the chocolate milk (Ensure) that her blood pressure medicine was mixed into. Jon apparently had the magic touch: she suddenly started drinking again very determinedly.  She finished the entire 8oz of liquid, and we were all very relieved.

All that determination took its toll — she wanted to go to sleep before 7pm.  Jim and Dad got her into bed and I knelt next to her and asked if she wanted the Family Prayer song.  She did, so I sang, and she wanted me to go on after that so I sang all the quiet primary songs and hymns I could think of.  Several times I saw her mouthing words again.  Once, I mixed up the words and her eyes widened – I could tell that she noticed.  Jim and Jon joined me after a while and we sang a few more before saying goodnight.  She said “Goodnight, Jim” and finally closed her eyes to sleep.


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