Feeling Noble?by Angie

15 Nov 2007
7:11 am

Ever had an experience where you were feeling quite proud of yourself for something, only to realize that you weren’t really being such a hero after all? That happened to me last night.

You see, Jim stayed to work late a couple of times this week and I was tempted to feel a bit annoyed about it; as if changes in scheduling sort of threw off my groove (even when he let me know in advance). However, I had a chat with myself and concluded that there would be no complaints from me (out loud, at least – obviously I was already complaining to myself). I guess this decision was a good choice. The bad choice was that I proceeded to let myself feel pretty noble about being so “humble” (ha ha).

Well, all such pride must be mortified, and my wake-up call happened last night. Imagine my feelings when I found out that my sweet husband was staying late to get some extra hours in, so that he could surprise me by taking half a day off to come with me to my doctor appointment today! I have to drive to a new place, all the way over in Palo Alto, and meet my new Cardiologist, Dr. Dubin. He knew I was nervous about it and didn’t want me to have to be alone.

Jim was being the noble one! Far from noble, I was only being civil – and a good thing, too. Imagine if I had complained to him about it, when he was planning something special for me?! My puffed-up feelings of vanity deflated and were replaced with gratitude, which is probably the best antidote I can think of for pride.

I am so grateful that I have such a sweet and thoughtful husband who goes out of his way to take good care of me. I’m grateful he has such a good job that fits our family needs so well. Most of all, I’m very grateful that Jim is so patient with me and wants me to be happy. These are some things I should be remembering, the next time I find myself “feeling noble.”

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